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ALVaAlways Love a Villain, the fourth novel in the Islands Investigations International series hits the shelves in a few weeks! Join us for the launch on September 15 at the Gabriola Commons. Click here for full details.


A year of living beside my wetlands,
a lifetime of personal stories.


“A dazzling meditation on history and nature.”  —Alberto Manguel

“Beautifully written, deeply felt without succumbing to cheap sentiment . . . a celebration of finding one’s place in the world.”  —Times-Colonist

“Genuinely heartbreaking. . . . Vividly described. . . . Szanto is acutely, almost painfully, sensitive to the world outside his front door.”  —National Post

“Lushly rendered. . . . An earthy, homespun and voyeuristically satisfying book.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A moving and very thoughtful memoir of George Szanto’s lifelong dance between literature and adventure, wanderlust and home.”   —Ronald Wright

“Watching his bogland on Gabriola Island as its life revolves around the circuit of seasons has put George Szanto at the perfect vantage point for reflection and story-telling.”   —Myrna Kostash

 “Szanto writes with wonderful lucidity, never leaving the reader, always circling back to the essence of things.”   —Susan Crean





NEW from Touchwood Mystery

Never Hug a Mugger (on Quadra Island)

“A winning combination: novels that can be read as standalone mysteries but which offer probing insight into the developing main characters.” —Times Colonist

As Kyra Rachel and Noel Franklin get to know the small community of Quadra Island, they’re surprised to discover that things are not as simple as they seem. A savage beating of the son of one of Noel’s high-school friends leads the Islands Investigations International partners into the dark underworld of professional sports and the powerful motivations of Olympic hopefuls.

Listen to George and Sandy on CBC Radio’s “All Points West”, interviewed by Jo-Ann Roberts on November 15, 2011 at Chronicles of Crime in Victoria, BC.

Read the full reviews in the Times Colonist, The Gumboot Press, and Mysterious Reviews, and check out what Don Graves has to say in the Hamilton Spectator (click to enlarge):